Cast #027 - Aluminum Fire Ant Colony Casting

Aluminum Fire Ant Colony Cast #027 - Front Picture.
Ant Type: Fire Ants (Solenopsis genus)

Cast Number: #027
Created: 6/7/2013
Cast Weight: 9.9 lb

Cast Material: Aluminum
Cast Dimensions: 12.5"x8.5"x10" (HxWxL)

Base: Round, 8" diameter, 0.75" thick
Base Wood: Red Oak

Mount: Bolt through base and cast
Orientation: Upside Down
This is a nice looking cast from the front. From the back, the pour stem is visible which is a sign of an incomplete cast. In order to cast fire ant colonies, a hole is made in the center of the ant hill with a hollow pipe, pulling out a tube which creates a void in which to pour the aluminum. In this case, it appears that this process likely collapsed part of the tunnels on one side of the colony, preventing aluminum from flowing into the tunnels on that side. You can see the lopsided appearance of the colony when viewed from the side. Overall a good cast, though.
Base Description
I like this base because it's one of the few that I made from scratch, cutting and routing the shape myself and also taking more time to put a proper polyurethane finish on it. I usually just use Danish oil which is a much simpler wipes on quickly.