Right now, the best way to contact me is via private message on my Facebook Page. If you don't have a Facebook account, have a friend send me your comment and email address and I will get back to you.

I do sell some casts and I was making a list of potential buyers which has grown so long that it's not realistic that I will be able to offer a cast to everyone who wants one. So, for now I have stopped adding people to the list. I will continue to offer casts to those who are already on the list. I may eventually start posting casts to eBay or something similar and maintain an email list to notify people when I post casts. Until then, feel free to contact me on Facebook and if I ever reopen the list then I can put you on it in the order that you first contacted me. (I'll probably respond with a similar message to the above, though).

Any cast requests for special uses such as museums, other exhibits, TV programs, or anything interesting will definitely be considered, despite the buyers list being closed.

I have yet to decline any request for permission to use my videos or pictures, I'm even willing to send high resolution pictures if needed. It is a nice gesture though for you to ask in advance and to also make sure to give credit either to "Anthill Art" or "".

Any questions or comments are welcomed as well, and I try my best to respond to everyone who contacts me.

****My Facebook in box is really backed up and I apologize to anyone I haven't responded to and will try to do so soon.

-Soon I will clarify all of this info and separate it into appropriate sections on the site. I'm just quickly putting it all here now because I know a lot of people are wondering what's taking so long to get a cast.

I'm working on a fixed policy to post on the site to explain how I will go about selling in the future which will be something like this:

1) Honor the buyers list as it stands now and sell to those people as often as possible, return to adding people to the list once it becomes more manageable
2) Selling or providing casts for museums, exhibits, or other interesting public uses
3) A few donated for charity events or auctions which I like to do
4) An occasional give away like I did on Christmas 2014 (I really had fun doing that)
5) Posting one occassionally for eBay sale or auction

Here's the long story of why it's taking so long to get a cast for people on the list who are wondering:

I launched the site and first video in November 2013 and I had 7 or so casts on eBay, for auction and with a reasonable reserve price. Those received very few bids and no one met the reserve price (even the one from the later viral video - Cast #043). So, I reposted all of them and just set a buy-it-now price on each one that would be reasonable for me. As the popularity built and right before the video went viral I sold most of those, even Cast #043 which went for very little given that the casting video would soon be getting millions of views per day.

Once the video went super-viral (6,000,000 views in a day), I received an enormous amount of requests for purchases. Literally hundreds per day for a while. I was really caught off guard by this and was not exactly sure what to do as far as selling casts in the future. Realistically, I couldn't respond to every message, so I would find the ones that looked most serious about buying and would tell them "I don't have one now but will try to get one for you soon," and take their name and info and put it on a list. At that point I wasn't sure exactly how many I would be able to turn out but though that I could fine tune my methods to do more. That list got fairly long, but manageable, and I put the info into a spreadsheet and organized it based on what people were looking for (size, price, type) and that became "the list" that I always refer to.

Things slowed a bit in early 2014 but I would still add a few people to the list every day. One day someone asked me what number they were on the list. I didn't have it setup to count, so I added a counter to the list and was shocked to see that it was over 300 people. Realizing that making that many in a reasonable time wouldn't be possible, I had to stop adding people to the list at that time. It would be impossible at this point to make 300 even over several years. The good news for any one on the list who is waiting is that only every few people I offer casts to even respond and buy. So the situation is slightly better for you than it seems, but it still could take quite a while for you to get an offer. I wish that wasn't the case.