Cast #031 - Aluminum Carpenter Ant Colony Casting

An aluminum carpenter ant colony cast display - front view.
Ant Type: Carpenter Ants (Camponotus socius)

Cast Number: #031
Created: 6/14/2013
Cast Weight: 2.3 lb

Cast Material: Aluminum
Cast Dimensions: 16.5"x4.5"x8" (HxWxL)

Base: Stained Wood Circle
Base Dimensions: 0.75"x8"x8" (HxWxL)

Mount: Bolt through base and cast
Orientation: Upside Down
This is an aluminum cast of a carpenter ant colony. There is a single tunnel at the colony entrance that zigzags at almost a 45 degree angle with large chambers at the inflection points. At the end it breaks the zigzag pattern and branches into two tunnels. The tunnels zigzag almost entirely left and right to the display orientation and is basically straight in the other directions. This style of carpenter ant colony is rare amongst the ones that I have cast. Most of the other carpenter ant nests that I've cast have random tunnels with very long pads extending out from the shafts. This is the only one, at this point, that has this unique structure that I have casted with aluminum; although, I did cast a similar one with plaster. This is my favorite cast so far.
Base Description
The cast is displayed upside down from its natural orientation. It's mounted to a wood base with a bolt that passes through the cast. The base is basswood stained with Watco Danish Oil Dark Walnut with no clear coat giving it a natural finish look to it. The mass of the cast is centered to the right so a larger base was used to prevent tipping. The bottom of the base has four felt pads to protect the surface on which it sits. The base has a stainless steel plaque containing information on the cast.