Cast #068 - Aluminum Fire Ant Colony Casting

Small Aluminum Ant Colony Casting Display
Ant Type: Fire Ants (Solenopsis genus)

Cast Number: #068
Created: 7/5/2014
Cast Weight: 4.1 lb

Cast Material: Aluminum
Cast Dimensions: 6.5"x7.5"x10" (HxWxL)

Base: Stained Wood Oval
Base Dimensions: 0.75"x6"x8" (HxWxL)

Mount: Bolt through base and cast
Orientation: Upside Down
This is a smaller fire ant colony cast. The smaller ones can usually be easily mounted directly to the base, while the heavier casts usually just sit on the base with no mounting. Most of the smaller colonies are similar in appearance to this, which I think resembles a ship. Because it's mounted directly to the base, and fairly light weight this makes a good cast for a desk top display. Examples of similar casts are Cast #006 and Cast #069.
Base Description
The cast is displayed upside down from its natural orientation and is mounted to a basswood base. The cast is secured to the base with a bolt, which isn't possible with the larger casts. The finish is a Danish oil stain with no clear coat, giving it a nice natural look. The bottom of the base has four felt pads to protect the surface it is displayed on. A stainless steel plaque is mounted on the base engraved with the cast information.