Cast #071 - Aluminum Field Ant Colony Casting

Aluminum Field Ant Colony Cast #071 - Front Picture.
Ant Type: Field Ants (Formica pallidefulva)

Cast Number: #071
Created: 9/27/2014
Cast Weight: 10.4 lb

Cast Material: Aluminum
Cast Dimensions: 17.5"x8.5"x9.5" (HxWxL)

Base: Round, 8" diameter, 0.75" thick
Base Wood: Walnut

Mount: Bolt through base and cast
Orientation: Upside Down
This is an aluminum cast of a field ant colony. Ants in the genus Formica have several common names (I call them field ants) and these ants have been identified as being in the species Formica pallidefulva. This the first finished cast I've done of a colony made by this species and find the structure to be very distinct from the colonies of other ant types, which is always the case in my experience. Near the colony entrance there are several layers of stacked wide and flat chambers, going down to about half of the total depth. Then there are two longer tunnels extending deeper with chambers spread out along their length. The tunnels are wider than fire ant colony tunnels and other ant types I've encountered, being on average around 0.5 inches (1.2 cm) in diameter. The structure to me looks like a scaled up version of a fire ant colony section (especially the colonies with more chambers like Cast #025). This cast is one of the larger and more complex of the non-fire ant colonies I've done.
Base Description
Walnut base purchased complete, glossy furniture quality finish
Cast secured to base with 2 stainless steel bolts, 1/4" diameter
4 felt feet on the bottom to protect surface it sits on
Stainless steel information/identification plaque