Cast #045 - Aluminum Fire Ant Colony Casting

Very large cast of an ant colony using molten aluminum
Ant Type: Fire Ants (Solenopsis genus)

Cast Number: #045
Created: 12/20/2013
Cast Weight: 21.6 lb

Cast Material: Aluminum
Cast Dimensions: 18.5"x12.5"x13" (HxWxL)

Base: Stained Wood Oval
Base Dimensions: 0.75"x11"x14" (HxWxL)

Mount: No mounting, cast sits on base
Orientation: Upside Down
This was the largest cast yet at the time I poured it, but I have since poured a heavier one. It's still very close to the maximum size that I am able to pour right now. The structure is fairly typical: a good mix of chambers and interconnected tunnels. It's very bulky throughout and then tapers off to a point at the tip. One cool feature that I love on this cast is the root hole. There was a large root running through the ant colony, about 0.75" in diameter. The ants built their tunnels around the root. When the colony was cast, a void was left where the root was, allowing you to see the chamber structure around the root. You have to look from just the right angle to see it.
Base Description
This is a typical base that I use for the larger casts. The cast is displayed on an oval wooden base upside down from its natural orientation. The finish on the base is a walnut oil type stain with no clear coat. The cast sits on three risers and is not mounted directly to the base, so the cast can be picked up independent of the base. The bottom of the base has four felt pads to protect the surface it is displayed on. A stainless steel plaque is mounted on the base containing information on the cast.